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Airpak Global Guard
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Current News
Fuel Surcharged Rates 2014
Singapore Fuel Surcharged as at January 1, 2014

Singapore Fuel Surcharged - 21.00%
Malaysia Fuel Surcharged Domestic - 15%
Malaysia Handling Charged - 15%
Malaysia Internat...more
Volumetic Weight Calculation Formula Change
With Effect from 1st Jan 2010, Airpak will implement a revised Volumetic Weight calculation across all countries. The dimension divisor will be changed from 6,000cc/kg to 5,000cc/kg. Should you have ...more
Company News
Airpak Global Guard 2014
Airpak Express had tied up with an insurance company for more products on your shipment and compnay . You can insured at your finger tip. Please feel free to visit our website for more details Or con...more